Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CIRCUS, CIRCUS by flondo

'No matter how long we exist, we have our memories - points in time which time itself cannot erase.'
Anne Rice, Blood And Gold

'I am a man of few words...but
I show the world new ways to dream'


Dreams, maybe.... more specifically fantasy, is the soul which powers much of the work of Toronto based artist flondo. Self described as a photoshop artist and photographer, flondo has a theatre, film and photography background which can be seen beautifully invading much of his imagery. Although flondo's portfolio includes many erotic images of intriguing and sexy men, I was drawn initially to his Manimals, Mermen, Angels, Faeries & Elves. I have to admit that I already was thinking of my Circus theme as I floated through flonto's flickr sets, so... when I saw his set titled Circus, Circus I knew where I wanted to begin.

'Circus: Out of the air like everything else.'

I think the difference between dream and a fantasy is time, and more importantly choice and control. You dream almost without intent or planning. During the day when bored or stressed, your mind takes over, breaking the tension with thoughts to help you through the moment. During the night, when sleeping, your subconscious takes control, pulling together elements of reality, inner fears and fantasy into visualizations that can bring both ecstasy, and at other times intense horror or dread. No matter how much we may want to plan or control our dreams, they force us to take a back seat and the control remains, no matter how much we fight it, not our own.

Fantasy on the other hand is all ours! We plan our fantasy's. As we slide under the sheets, as we lay on the grass staring at the sky, we get to plan who we will think about and what we will be doing with them. When we have a successful one, it gets repeated, sometimes for days and days, some we pull from year to year. These fantasy's arouse us, pleasure us but most of all comfort us.

The comfort comes from the fact that since we're writing the ending, we can predict it. Elements of reality, senses of noise and smell rarely enter in. They hit our emotional and visual senses while leaving the others untouched. The clowns and men in flono's Circus, Circus world are not scary or loud, have no rips in, or stains on, their costumes. The bodies are perfect, the fabric rich,the color vibrant and men, sexual and exotic.

Check out more of flondo's fantasies and dreams on his official site HERE: & his extensive portfolio on flickr HERE:

You can also check out flondo's book and travel deeper into his world of Exotica on Blurb HERE:


peter said...

Absolutely stunning artwork... congratulations for being featured on this blog..

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is the man painted art? I like it. Looks like vince and blue.