Friday, March 23, 2012

Déjà vu: David by James Spada

Back in December of 2007, only a few months into my starting FH, when posts were heavy on images, light on text (nice, wasn't it), I did a short piece on a UK documentary which focused on the beauty of the male body. The film (which you can some of, in the original post HERE:) featured model James Taylor. James has a classic beauty, sort of Lady Chatterley like. You can almost picture him, running to escape the advances of a frisky Vicar, into a barn in one of those soft porn Edwardian and Victorian era movies.

The other day when I was checking out some of the new images from photographer James Spada, I came across a couple of his shots of David that had me instantly thinking back to that early post about James. I have been looking for a reason to feature more of James' for awhile now.

James Taylor

You can see why I saw a resemblance between James (above) and David (below) in some of James Spada's images.


Celebrity biographer, novelist and of course photographer James Spada featured David in his book Eye Candy. In Eye Candy, James wrote;

'David was an eighteen-year-old college freshman when I first laid eyes on him coming off a train at Boston's South Station. The first thing I thought was, He's adorable! During the shoot I marveled at his creamalicious skin and unruly shock of hair'

There is something completely irresistible about David, with his shaggy dark hair, beautiful eyes and skin. Like James Taylor in the documentary, he is a near perfect example of the beauty of the male form.

You can see more explicit shots of David, as well as dozens of new shots of FH favorite Quinn Christopher Jaxon on spadaphoto's ebay page where many images are available for purchase. Also look out next month for James' new book featuring his work with Quinn!

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