Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Combustive: Ben By T-W-D photos

What exactly makes an image stand out and demand attention? The skill of the artist of course, a strong model, again, of course a must. Concept; also crucial. Yet, the Internet, especially model and photographer themed sites, are full of millions of images of hot, and often naked men. Many of these shots are taken by talented and professional photographers but most don't create much excitement.

There is a certain energy ignited when when just the right ingredients are put together. Although many try, it is not really something most can really plan. Part of the energy in fact, is actually created because it wasn't planned, predicted or even expected. There are just certain times, when two people connect that magic simply just happens. In the almost five years I have been creating FH I have seen it happen a few times, but the explosive combination is rare enough that when it does occur it is clear, and it is palatable.

I first discovered the work of Travers W. Dow from T-W-D photos a little over a year ago when I featured his work with a favorite model of mine, Brandon Connelly. At the time, I commented on the innate masculinity Travers seemingly so simply yet masterfully was able to capture. It was clear from Brandon that Travers created a safe, comfortable environment that encouraged him in being strong and confident in front of Travers' lens. At the time of that feature, Travers mentioned how hard he was working to get as as much experience as he could, shooting almost non-stop working to perfect his craft.

Earlier this spring I had the incredible opportunity to spent time with Travers more recent work while completing a feature for the June issue of tMf. If you have not checked out the issue already, Travers has a intensely sexy 16 pages of images from his portfolio. One of my favorite shots from the piece was the shot of Ben (above: second image from the top) holding the throw blanket over his head. Clearly I am not the only one who is paying attention to Travers shots of Ben. In what has to be a record, Travers images have won ModelMayhem's 18+ pic of the day contest 19 times over the past year, 11 of which have been images of Ben.

'Ben improves with every shoot - his body is more fit every time - He has one of the best bodies I have photographed - I am also proud of the fact that as I improve my work - I can record his improvement as well. We get better every time and it has resulted in an amazing 4 days in a row #1 win streak on ModelMayhem!'
Travers W. Dow

Check out even more shots of Ben, plus much more of Travers work on his new SmugMug Site HERE: You can also purchase prints and bring a little of Ben home for yourself!

Also Check out Travers on ModelMayhem and his new tumblr HERE:

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