Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Awakening by Richard Rothstein

Urban Ballet (Part 2)
By Richard Rothstein

This past January, I first featured images from New York photographer Richard Rothstein's Urban Ballet series. With spring just days away, it seemed the perfect time to feature more from the series. As much as I love winter, and a good snowfall, this has been a LONG winter. Richard's images of men flying through the air outside in the sun is the perfect visual to represent how I am feeling about the beginning of spring.


'New York City is the world’s most exciting stage; the perfect place to tell a story, score a musical or in this case, choreograph a dance. Staging urban ballet, capturing the movement of urban men set against the energy, texture. color and raw beauty of New York City is a natural extension of my work as a photographer. The city inspires and allows a range of themes for urban ballet exposing the viewer to humor, irony, sexuality, drama and whimsy. And, frankly, this is a city of constant movement, high energy and pervasive sexuality. What better way to express that than through the movement and energy of beautiful men.'

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