Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Webs We Weave

I have finally gotten caught up on Canada's second edition of Big Brother. Last season I watched almost the entire show on YouTube, but this season they seem to be cracking down on and the episodes have been a bit harder to find. Searching the main messages boards has made them easier to find, but it is too bad they are not all in same place for viewers who don't, or can't watch live, to catch up.

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I am really interested in watching what transpires in the days ahead with Kenny. Yes, Kenny is hot, yes Kenny is a model and yes, Kenny loves his tighty whities, but Kenny is also mapping his own route through the Big Brother world. Traditionally, Big Brother has often gone for the token gay, throwing in one player, usually male and often very flamboyant, into the group of 15 straight, young, and often incredibly horny house guests.

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Kenny has an actual literal beard, and it's not a woman, it is growing from his face and chin. Although announcing to the audience he was gay before going in, he has yet to tell the other house guests. This has lead to some interesting twists and turns within the house relationships. Kenny has become best buddies with the alpha male in the house, and has become part of the 'cool click' others want to hook up with, and of course get out. Kenny has been flirting, and even kissing some of the girls creating some interesting relationship dynamics almost Shakespearean in nature. Many nights, Kenny has slept in the same bed with his buddy (crush) Andrew, with his beard, both in the form of Sabrina, and his facial hair, in-between them. It will be interesting to see if Kenny ever comes out in the house (I sort of hope he doesn't) and how Andrew, and the rest of the house guests react. I think Andrew might be cool with it, but insecure Sabrina will not.... Hell Hath have no fury...

Kenny is not perfect, he has had some moments of arrogance and cruelty, but he is playing an original game. If you're looking for Skin, Arlie seems to be naked daily (and looking cuter as time goes by). I also have a soft (hard) spot for Jon, who is strangely erotic walking around shirtless with his arm sling. If you are not, or cannot watch BBCan, i will be sure to keep you up to date how Kenny's relationship web turns out. It is very intriguing, as well as not totally unfamiliar to me.


Daniel Paul said...

He is one sexy man. Why don't we ever get someone like him on the US version, but then again CBS would have blurred all these images you posted here anyway. Hope you share more Kenny and the rest of the guys too.

How about who is the hottest contest (poll)?

Anonymous said...

Daniel the only way we could get away with such images is for it to air on cable. No way would broadcast TV allow it and CBS would be the last of the broadcast networks to push the envelope. But of course CBS loves to show violence more than any other network. I hardly even watch broadcast TV anymore. Not when I can watch quality TV that is also not afraid of nudity on cable like American Horror Story on FX, Bates Motel on A&E, and Naked and Afraid on Discovery.


Daniel Paul said...

I agree with you Chris on all accounts, but even Naked and Afraid has to blur things out. Why have a show with the word "Naked" in and then fail to completely deliver on that fact.