Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Butcher Bared by Brett Kiellerop

There is of course nothing sexy about Jason Voorhees. A homicidal maniac wielding a axe or sword, slicing and dicing camp counsellors, often just after they have had a last roll in the hay. (see post below). But... in the hands of a skilled artist like Brett Kiellerop, that hockey mask has the ability to both conceal as well as reveal.

I have been sharing quite a bit of Brett's work over the past month or so, but this set, had to be saved for Halloween week. Brett's masked man is incredibly sexy, and incredibly eye catching. The mask brings forth both a strength, and a vulnerability in the images, and even with his incredible body, my focus continued to go to be drawn to those two eye holes, and the beautiful blue eyes within.

The man behind the hockey mask is actually Tim, who was 19 and fairly new to modeling when the he and Brett worked together. Brett says he usually prefers models a bit older as his experience is that maturity doesn't really kick in until at least their mid twenties. But Tim was both grown-up and very mature, not just with regards to his physique, but with a mind and outlook to match.

'Tim is now a qualified personal trainer, working in Brisbane. He has packed on massive amounts of muscle over the time since our last photoshoot, and he looks amazing! But his personality and maturity are the same. He's quick to smile and laugh, fast with a joke, and looks great in lycra! What more do you need in a model or friend.'

Who knew Jason V put so much time into manscaping, but we all know it takes work to be so smooth all over! Hope Jason was careful using that machete down near his nether regions!

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