Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ghost Stories

Clearly, if you check out FH, you are well aware I love Halloween. Starting back in 2007, each October I have themed pieces to celebrate the holiday. Incredibly photographer showcases, salutes to some of my favorite horror movies and of course my history of Hunks Of Horror.

Writing is my passion, but I still require motivation and in most case, the images dictate the words that follow. This year, a concept from Matt Lee, one he shared in just a sentence or two led to the story of the back of the house. While spending time engrossed, staring intently at Matt' images, the story flowed out almost writing itself. I am a pretty 'light' person in real life, hopeful and happy. For some reason however, it is the macabre, the creepy, the gruesome and grizzly that stimulates the creative parts of my mind and body stronger than other fare.

FH is full of stories, hundreds of stories. Stories about me, stories about photographers, artists, models, actors, staircases, windows, basements, mine shafts, banks, warehouses, old sheds, abandoned houses, beaches, mountains and forests.

Schöne Albträume

Every Halloween I encourage readers of the blog to check out my past Halloween posts. But I also want to encourage those with a few moments this Halloween season to check out some of the site's stories, especially the Ghost stories.

Expressive Masquerade by Mount Photography

Stairway To Hell

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