Friday, October 3, 2014

Perfectly Oblivious: Laifster by studioAtruong

So often when I feature images of models fully exposed there can be a degree of awareness. This awareness can sometimes be off putting, overshadowing the images itself. Sometimes, this can be felt from the model, an observable knowing that they are completely naked. An awareness their body, their penis in particular, will be examined and judged. Baring at all can naturally bring on hesitation and nerves. It can be due to factors ranging from the model's personal insecurities, an uncomfortably with the photographer, or because their motives for taking it all off were not rooted in a confidence of the process.

Sometimes the awareness comes from the person behind the lens. You can feel in most images when the photographer is mostly, or only, interested in getting the penis money shot. It is not difficult to tell in most images, even when masked with fashion and theme, when body parts are more important than the body as a whole and the creation of a great image. Sometimes it is just the inexperience of the photographer, possibly shooting their first nudes or their struggle to make a model feel comfortable.

Sometimes the inexperience, even the nervousness, can be harnessed by a skilled photographer or an adventurous model and great images can still be created. Often however, you can feel the discomfort and the images give off an air of uncomfortability that makes them difficult to view and enjoy. It is always refreshing then, when you see a set of images from an artist and model who appear to be completely oblivious and unaware.

That is exactly how I felt when I saw these images of Laifster from Alain from studioAtruong. Laifster is obviously completely naked, yet he also comes across as completely confident, unabashed with zero apprehension in front of the camera. The images are so full of joy and energy it is as if Laifster was shot from a cannon, bursting out, moving and grooving around the studio with Alain documenting every movement and step of the dance.

'Laifster is American with Norwegian descentm your dream Nordic god! Over 6ft with single-digit body fat. And he's so not shy...Oh and so flexible!'

Alain also describes Laifster as a bit of a Renaissance man, an actor, dancer who has travelled the globe, builds motorcycles, surfs, loves music, metal fabrication and the Circus arts. You can see pretty much all of his passions and skills within his work as it is one's experiences that combine together to build confidence and the beautiful ability to do what you want, move with such freedom and to dance with so little concern for what others think and with such beautiful obliviousness.

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