Monday, November 17, 2014

Favorite Face of the Day: Shawn Doyle

Late to the party, last night I finished the 10 episode first season of the FX series Fargo. I had seen the movie years ago, but except for the accents, and that wood chipper scene, didn't really remember too much about it. The series was nominated, and won many awards last season and I now know why. Fargo grabbed me from the get go and the acting, especially from Allison Tolman and Colin Hanks was top notch. Tolman in particular was amazing and drew me into all of her scenes. I have to also give it to Billy Bob Thorton, I was never really a fan, but Thorton was down right frightening, creating one of televisions coldest and most diabolical characters ever.

I also loved Shawn Doyle, an actor I have enjoyed on screen and on television for years. Doyle's Vern Thurman was one of the seasons warmest characters whose warm face and character were always welcome in the often dark series. Although not on the entire season, had a strong impact on the story. Many of you may recognize the Canadian actor from his roles on 24, Big Love, Hannibal, Covert Affairs, Desperate Housewives and so many more television shows and movies over the last 20 plus years. Originally from Newfoundland, Doyle had a busy career in Canadian film and television prior to moving to California in 2005.

Above: Doyle with Allison Tolman

The producers of Fargo are hard at work on Season 2, but like American Horror Story, will not be directly continuing the story, but heading off to another time in history, this time with a focus on Molly's (Tolman) parents. Although I enjoy this type of storytelling, Tolman and Hanks created such a great, and welcomed family it would be great to have them both back in some capacity. It would also be wonderful to find a way to bring Shawn Doyle back for the ride as well.

Doyle in Sabah (2005)

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