Monday, November 17, 2014

Irresistible: Callum by Danny Barson

Callum: Gaelic, Disciple of Saint Columba, The perfect man!

'The only downside to knowing a Callum is you will not be able to resist him. Just looking into his eyes will have you hooked instantly. Just the thought of his gentle touch over your body, will have you so turned on. Callum's are full of passion, romantic, cute, funny, sensual, intelligent and will always put a smile on your face. In addition, if taught properly, Callum;s can make for a great man servant.'

I don't usually put much faith in those descriptions of the meanings behind a name, but with Callum, that description seemed beautifully on point. I have been a admirer of the work of England's Danny Barson for awhile now and first featured his work back in 2012. (Catapulted) I have been checking back to Danny's portfolio regularly and, as I am sure most of you will be, was unable to resist Danny's work with the incredible Callum.

Danny's images capture so many beautiful sides of Callum. His body is of course off the charts, but what is most irresistible are Callum's magnificent eyes and devilishly sexy grin. Callum is able express wide eyed naiveté in some shots, and in others, a clear and strong awareness of the sexual power he is able to illicit from those around him.

'The pics with the camera were my idea, it seems the whole world has gone selfie mad, and this was my interpretation of a selfie, using a very old camera. I just think, why have a grainy horrible selfie in a bathroom, with a mobile phone covering half the picture, trying to make yourself look good, when you can have a proper shoot done, and be a model, not just a bathroom model.'

I especially loved the two 'selfie' themed images from the shoot. I guess if you look like Callum, you might pull off those bathroom shots, but Danny's image more than proves the advantages of being in front of the lens of a professional. After seeing Callum's profile on facebook a couple of years ago, Danny says he and Callum have now worked together three times.

'It took a while to convince Callum to shoot, but when we did do our first shoot, he was very enthusiastic. We didn't do a nude shoot in the first meeting, it was the second shoot he did the nudes including 'the selfie'. Callum is just so natural in front of the camera and seems even more so when he is doing nude work.'

Callum's natural, fun and sexy presence in front of Danny's lens has proved very popular with the fans of Danny's work who check out his web page checking out for updates on his work with Callum. 'They always look forward to a new shoot with Callum, and I get a lot of messages and support whenever I post new pics from a shoot with Callum.' You can now count me in as someone who will be looking forward to more Callum updates on Danny's site!

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