Monday, November 17, 2014


Pix that make you Hmmmm:

Images that cause you to stop, take a second look... and ponder. The image may be beautiful, sexy, odd, funny or simply a head scratcher.

This image caught my eye for a couple of reasons, and not just because the subject is a cute unicyclist. This image from London's wnbr caused me to stop and pause for a couple of other reasons. Living in the North East, it is still strange for me to see such openness with pubic nudity. This is especially true when the naked person in question is surrounded by mothers, children and police offers, all seemingly very unconcerned, even uninterested in the the multicolored spotted man cycling naked a few yards away. I know the n in wnbr means naked, but in the small town where I live, the event consisted of about three people watching about 6 or 7 people on bikes, none of whom were actually completely naked, go round and round, circling the town until one of them suggested heading the pub. I might need to move to a bigger city... I was also tuned in to how a unicycle sort of poses your junk, whether or not you actually are, in the upright, pointing north direction. Visually it makes for a fun image but it may have this guy choosing a ride with two wheels next year so he may have some additional comfort options, like being able to stand, and dangle over if feels the need.

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