Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Much Lighter View

Above: Rosie by Firooz Zahedi for Vanity Fair

I do like and respect Whoopi Goldberg as an actress, but my have things been a lot lighter without her the last two days on The View. I guess it helped that Mario Cantone and Kathy Griffin were on today, but Rosie O'Donnell has returned (at least temporarily) to the the Rosie most loved when she had her own talk show. Lighter, in both appearance and mood, Rosie, and the entire panel including Nicole Wallace and guest host Tracey Wigfield, (writer on The Mindy Project) moved the show along without the dreary 'I'm not angry but I really am' tone Goldberg often brings to the hour.

I stopped DVRing the show awhile ago, but returned after the show wisely turfed the dead weight last season, Goldberg however has made it a painful return. It is not about whether you agree with one host woman the woman, it is Goldberg's relentless need to be right, cutting those she disagree's with, usually using logic, Sherri Shepherd-like logic, to end each segment by cutting off the others with self-righteous tirades and a whole lot more volume than the others bother to try to counter.

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