Saturday, August 25, 2018

A New York Return: Bond by New Manhattan Studios

'Summer on the Brooklyn waterfront. It felt like we were back where we belonged. For those just entering the conversation, since early 2014, this trio of photographers and models has logged thousands of miles, from coast to coast to coast (that would include Florida) capturing Bond Brown, one of the studio's most enduringly popular models, as he has matured from the kid next door into the confident fitness and physique model that locks gaze with you here.'

'The longitudinal study of the same subject over a period of time is a defining interest of the studio and Bond is one of several models whose physical development we have been privileged to be able to document over several years. With this young man, the off-camera changes are as dramatic as those the camera has captured, but that's another story. If you detect a growing sense of confidence in the photographs, then I have been true to my photojournalism roots.'

'In mid-June we were on a Brooklyn pier jutting far out into the East River. Gorgeous skies and a classic New York backdrop made for a perfect "welcome home" setting for this ex-New Yorker. It was the polar opposite of our first session with Bond, the evening after the blizzard of 2014, when this native of Buffalo had diligently trekked through blocks of unplowed streets and sidewalks of record-setting snowfall to make it to his first professional photo shoot.'

'Fueled by such determination and his discovery of the rewards of modeling, in the space of six months, Bond became one of the studio's most popular models. When he announced that he was moving West at the end of the first year we doubled down on our shooting schedule and had not one but three "last" New York photo sessions. Bond is not a professional model; what had started as a lark for someone working as a busboy in a high-profile Manhattan restaurant turned into a rather heady experience. With photos of him winning contests and his last New York photo session earning him the position of Valentine's Hunk for 2015 on FH. Bond's move fortunately did not mean the end of his modeling career.

Continue reading more of Bond's story in the post below, and on NMS HERE:

Bond Brown on ModelMayhem

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