Saturday, August 25, 2018

Preantepenultimate: Bond by New Manhattan Studios

'Wes is a bit of a tease. He first mentioned his work with Bond months ago, and I could feel his enthusiasm and excitement over the work they were creating together.'

The quote above comes from the first chapter of Bond's story on FH. In the 2014 Halloween themed piece Those Who Wait. In that first story, I shared with FH readers how I had been hearing about Bond and his work with New Manhattan Studios for some time. Wes was excited about his work with Bond, and enthusiastic to share the results. Bond's sixth shoot with the studio, became the first one to debut on the site. As much as I love a good story, I crave a good saga even more. A story that I can sink my teeth into and devour over days, weeks and sometimes, over years.

Since Bond's debut on that October 31st night, I have had the pleasure of devouring and sharing over 15 steamy chapters of Bond's work with the studio including Valentine and Thanksgiving themed shoots, Bond in studio, in California, in a hot shower, a cool swimming pool, on the beach, in a Manhattan condo and in a naked rope ballet. I've even featured a couple of spin off stories of Bond's work with Gordon Nebeker and StudioMGphotography. No other model has appeared more frequently on FH than Bond Brown.

There are many reasons for this, including NMS incredible shots and Wes's eye for shooting themes and concepts that are right up my alley. There's also Bond's popularity with FH viewers, his images, and his story always draw attention. There is also the Tom Hanks factor. Bond is gorgeous for sure, his enticing hazel eyes, great face and hair are beautifully photogenic and his body an appetising visual feast.

More than his physical attributes however, Bond has a welcoming, almost everyman quality. Everyman not as in ordinary, but everyman as in relatable and friendly. Friendly may not be a word often associated with a male model, but Bond's charisma and personality shine through his work in front of the camera, and Wes and NMS wisely and skillfully tap into these qualities within their work. Yes, Wes has created some intensely erotic captures of Bond, but over their years of collaborating, Bond's charm and magnetism are always in focus.

'I enjoy bringing known models back to the studio, any why not? If I find I work well with a particular model, I look forward to building on the collaboration. The longer I work with any model, the more confident we each become around the other, enhancing our ability to bring out the best from the collaboration.'

'Beyond the convenience of working with known entities, I have been fascinated by tracking the changes to physiques over time. I have done annual sessions with some models for as long as five years. I find it to be a very rewarding experience, both personally and photographically. I may someday publish a collection of longitudinal physique studies.'

Whenever I am near the ending of a good story, a story I'm really into... I slow down. I turn the pages more slowly, pausing that final chapter, those final pages and words for as long as I can. Over the past couple of years, it's been a bit more challenging for Wes to connect with Bond in order to continue the story. Not that Bond isn't eager to shoot, but a new life and new adventures, not to mention being in a new state far from Manhattan, has made scheduling shoots more of a challenge. But... before we begin heading towards a conclusion, there are a several more chapters to be written and told before heading towards the climax.

'I have shot Bond twice this year and the New York session, taken last summer, was featured in Captured Shadows #5. That work, work done in Florida during the late winter and another session shot last winter will serve as the basis of a third private portfolio, coming out next year. As a model Bond has truly come onto his own. Some of the images we captured this year are the steamiest ever.'

If you want to see more of Bond's most recent work with NMS, even steamier shots (meaning the full Bonty) than featured here, check out Captured Shadows #5 on NMS HERE: Also, you can see much more Bond on NMS HERE:

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