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Behind the scenes: Cary and Tarek by DAVISICON

Regular readers of FH know that 'Behind The Scenes' is one of the themes I have been exploring this year. I have been asking many of the artists that I profile to include a few behind the scenes shots that I can include. Since 'story' has always been a major focus for me, so much of the story often occurs behind the scene, or in the many out-take shots which occur on every shoot. In many ways these images can be as fascinating and beautiful as the final, edited images. There is also an erotic, even voyeuristic vibe to images captured during the shooting the process. We are not necessarily viewing anything we wouldn't be seeing in the final edited images, but these behind the scene moments often show us a side, unveil a little secret, and show us what goes on in the process of creating some of the incredible images we all enjoy so much.


Above: Final Edited Image
Below: Out-Take during the shoot

It is always a pleasure featuring the work of William from DAVISICON. William puts immense thought and care into every detail of his work. The results, beautifully erotic and always elegant captures of the models he captures. Two of those model, both of whom I have featured before, are Cary and Tarek. Cary was featured in one of my early pieces on William's work, 2012's Recumbent. We got got know Tarek in the feature Meeting Tarek from October of last year.

You never know what will happen when your shooting a male model, especially when they're naked and your shooting outside. If you glance at the image at the top of this post, you'll understand. The image, if you didn't look closely enough is of one cheek of a models beautiful behind. William was beginning a theme of writing words on specific body parts. In order to create the effect he wanted, William was using icing sugar that came in those gel tubes used to write on cookies and birthday cakes. To practice the effect, he started by writing DAVISICON on the first model. But... as you can see, a fly also found that sugary butt, too delicious to ignore.

Below: Cary making faces and goofing around with the lion fountain on William's patio.

'In over 30 years of doing photography, there are always going to be favorite subjects, people, and/or things or locations that I enjoy shooting most. Some of the best photographs or funny photographs are the ones that are unplanned, the outtakes that you would normally not shoot or use for the uncontrolled outcomes when your shooting outside. Two of my favorite male models in recent memory are of course Cary and Tarek, their very similar as far as their personalities and humor, they are willing to do almost whatever it takes to get the right shot and along the way they love to have fun.'

'Many other shots also end up being fun and interesting, whether it's Cary pretending he's in a Downey commercial for fabric softener smelling his robe to see if it's "downy fresh" or pretending to look at a photobook and make funny expressions.'


Above: Final Edited Image
Below: Out-take from the shoot

I think William's images of Tarek really show the contrast between final image and the out-take shots. Tarek looks great in both but you can see the sexy confidence and attitude he exudes when in full pose with William's camera ready. I think my favorite shot is the last one in the piece. The edited shot is in the first piece I did featuring Tarek, but I love his smile, and those sport socks in the out-take!

'Tarek making faces while practising posing, or those unexpected laughing spells over a joke or Tarek taking a break to check his email, do a little texting and adding some ideas to our posing list. These are just but a few of the things I enjoy occasionally photographing during my sessions. I hope the fun continues with many new aspiring models that I haven't met yet, but hopefully I will be fortunate enough to photograph in the future.'

Check out more of William's work on his official site:  DAVISICON
& be sure to check out more of Cary and Tarek on William's Print & Poster site HERE:

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