Sunday, May 24, 2015

Culminación: Cristian by Mount Photography

Many FH readers will recognize the model, and artist behind it, in the image above. I have been featuring Mount Photography's Mark Montovio's work since 2009, and have done five posts (see the links below) featuring his work with Cristian. The image above is from 2013, and represents how Cristian looked in the previous pieces on the blog. As you can see, Cristian has grown up since their last time shooting and has a more mature, and incredibly sexy new aura about him.

For me, heading to the beach always means one of two things... Either I am looking forward to a fun day with family or friends... or, I go alone, or with my dogs, to walk the shore and think through something I'm struggling with. When it's for fun, usually you go with people you like and are familiar with. With that in mind, I couldn't think of any one's images better to spend part of this beach with, than Mark's new images of Cristian.

This set is actually from the summer of 2014. Mark and I began talking about a feature last summer, but at the time he was on his way to London to introduce Cristian to another photographer who was about to shoot him. Despite a language barrier, Cristian managed extremely well, especially with Mark there for support and to translate.

Cristian's maturity is evident beyond just his facial hair. His body and facial structure is more defined, his eyes more expressive and appears more skilled and experienced with stance and pose. Although Cristian always looked like he was having fun in front of the camera, there was a sweetness, a newness and a sexy hint of shyness that came through. Within these images, the hint of shyness is now confidence, but his great look and immense appeal, remain firmly intact.

Cristian has always enjoyed beach shots, especially in Spain, the setting for this set of images. Sadly, it may be awhile before we see him in shot by Mark in the sand and water again. Cristian is now shooting in the US and focusing on fitness and studio work. After his many years of shooting along the incredible Spanish beaches including along the shores of Gibraltar, Cádiz and Andalusia, heading inside to a studio isn't that appealing to Mark. After enjoying his many shoots in the surf and sand, I don't blame him one bit!

Deuce (2012)

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