Sunday, May 24, 2015

Take Time To Coast

Working on FH, I am fortunate to have been visually transported to many beaches around the world. Beaches along the California Coast, Fire Island, Hawaii and Florida. Beaches in London, France Australia, South Africa and Spain. If you're unable to get to a beach today, or even if you can, check out some of the many coastal destinations, and the artists and models who shot there. I have to admit, I didn't have time to go through the entire FH archives, but in my quick search, here are just a few of my favorite seashore sabbaticals.

-Pierre-Yves Monnerville-
Marseilles (2011)

-Mike Tossy-
Randall (2012)


-Tom Silk-
Russet (2014)

-Hans Fahrmeyer-

-Stephen Kahrs-

-Benjamin Wheeler-
Hermosa (2012)

-Christoph Musiol-

-Mark Grantham-
Paul (2015)

-Nathan Scott-
MacGyver (2015)

-DLJ Photography-


-Gray Ions-

-Mark Leighton-

-Brett Kiellerop-


-YogaBear Studio-

-Fit Aussie Guys-

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