Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Favorite Hunk

For many years I regretted that I had included the word Hunk into the title of my blog. Favorite Hunks began as a Yahoo Group, (one I can no longer access to edit or delete) and I decided to keep the name in order for the many who had joined the group to know there was a connection. Hunk is one of those words that I feel at times may trivialize the artists I feature and a few models and actors have approached about stories have paused before jumping on board because of the word.

But... sometimes it just fits so perfectly. Actor Scott Elrod is talented, he is hot and sexy and his entire body and persona to me, is the definition of hunk. Scott also has a smile that could have me do, pretty much anything he asked. Born into an American Military family in Germany, Elrod grew up in Colorado and for awhile thought he would follow his fathers path and become a pilot.

Elrod went on to earn his pilot license after graduation, and became an air traffic controller until he went to the movies one evening in 1986. On that night, after seeing Tom Cruise in Top Gun, acting became his new calling. Elrod went on to appear on television, including a supporting role on the Anne Heche short lived ABC series, Men In Trees. On the big screen, Elrod appeared in Soul Survivor, Home Run, Vanished and Argo.

Currently Elrod is heating up the small screen on The Young & The Restless. I used to catch Y & R now and then, on holidays and sick days and I loved the Abbott family when I used to watch a bit when I was a kid and especially liked the incredible Beth Maitland who played Traci. I cannot bring myself to watch these days, particularly since Charles Pratt Jr is writing. Pratt is a show destroyer whose pattern is to end most character driven storytelling in favor of a series of viral video type moments thrown together for 'shock', most of which destroy characters and make little to no sense. I will keep my eye out for Scott in other projects, and hope the series gets a DVD release one of these days.

Men In Trees

The Young & The Restless

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