Sunday, September 27, 2015

Full Steam Ahead: Rico by IMAGENTS

'This young 19 year old unknown male model was amazing in his natural ability to pose! Rico was perhaps the best model (not needing direction) I have worked with and he was one of my favorites thus far.'

Jeff, the man behind IMAGENTS describes himself as an artist, a residential designer, and photographer. When spending time with Jeff's work, you can clearly see the artistry as well as the influence of design with his images. Through his use of lighting, props, fashion, angles and pose, Jeff creates unique visuals with a focus on lines, shapes and of course form.

Jeff's imagery is also unapologetically sexual, it is beautifully clear and direct. Jeff's models aren't posing for art class, one look into his models eyes makes that intensely apparent. 20 year old Rico's beautiful brown eyes convey his sexual energy loudly, an energy so strong, Jeff actually had to try to control and keep in check with his camera.

After Rico answered an a Craigslist advert to model for Jeff, he became persistent and eager to get together to work. There were endless e-mails from Rico about when they could get together to do the shoot. Rico's energy and enthusiasm led to not one, but three consecutive days of shooting, and those three long days of shooting led to a couple of thousand images. 'Had Rico had his way, we would have done photo shoots EVERY day for weeks!'

'Rico is open to anything in front of the camera. I was so impressed and so pleased with him, his natural talent, and his performance in front of the camera. Rico is a very sexual young man, it was a challenge just to keep him calm. He was raring to go full steam ahead!'

Rico's sizzling look stems from his Latino of Mexican heritage and that energy stems from a desire and restlessness to express himself creatively, emotionally and sexually. Rico clearly looks like he belongs in front of the camera and I love the variety of images Jeff was able to capture over their three days together.

I think some of my favorites are the shots Jeff took of Rico kneeling on the chair. Jeff's use of light and shadow make the shots and I love how Rico interacts with the chair's tall back and how the lines from the chair's design blend so beautifully with his body and skin. If you want to see even more of Rico, check out additional images at the FH-OVERFLOW.

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