Thursday, October 29, 2015

Constant Craven #7: Mark Patton in Freddy's Revenge

'To be a part of one of the biggest horror franchises in the world is a gift. I am famous, but not. I have used my A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST 2 fame for many purposes of which I am proud…HIV awareness, The Trevor Project, issues of bullying. When I put on the glove, people give me a few minutes to speak.'
Mark Patton

As mentioned above, I look forward to actor Mark Patton's documentary next year Scream Queen. Given the quote above, I hope Mark has gotten to a point where his experience on the film was not such a literal nightmare for his acting career. After a promising start to his career, Mark's work in Hollywood pretty much dried up the year after the film's release. After a small guest shot on Hotel in 1986, Mark has zero credits on his IMDB after until this year when he has a credit 'Hospital Orderly' in a horror film still in pre-production entitled William Froste.

Freddy's Revenge tops a long list of films, (movies like Showgirls near the top) which landed in theatres with a thud, then... developed a following years after their release. The delayed acclaim may be rewarding, but doesn't help the years of not being able to land a job. Sad, as you if you were able to separate the story, and the performance, Mark's turn as Jesse was truly ahead of it's time, a tortured teen struggling with accepting his sexuality.

This was difficult for all of the cast and crew of Freddy's Revenge, but especially for Mark who was the face, and seemed to become the scapegoat for the films failure. It took almost 25 years later before audiences began to appreciate the films unique qualities and embrace the films gay themes instead of ridiculing them, as they did for so many years

Below: First cap from The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia

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