Thursday, October 29, 2015

Freddy's Homoerotic Revenge

'Personally for me the movie was a nightmare, After it was released I was living in a world where homosexuality was a career killer. As my teacher once told me, I do not need to play vulnerable, I am.'

Jesse Artwork by Lee Howard

I had always heard and read that the follow up to A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1985's Freddy's Revenge had a gay sub-plot. Sub-plots however are supposed to be secondary to the main plot, subtle even, something the gay themes in the film certainly were not. (Just check out this scene of Mark being pants by hottie Robert Rusler) I just finally watched the film last month and could write a lot about it, instead will let the visuals from the film, and it's three male leads tell the story. I will say this was one of my favorites from the series, not the gay themes, but it was one of the better character driven stories from the franchise.

For the real story, I am looking forward to star Mark Patton's upcoming documentary Scream Queen, an upcoming film that Mark has been raising funds on Kickstarter for over the past while. If you do quick search on the film, there are already a few interviews with Mark describing his time on the set, dissatisfaction with some who worked on the film, and his struggle for roles after the films release.

'A documentary film focusing on the gay experience in Hollywood horror, Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street explores how that experience has changed in the three decades since Mark Patton’s controversial portrayal of Jesse Walsh, the object of Freddy Krueger’s latent desire in Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Scream, Queen! examines the infamous homoerotic subtext and the special place the film holds in the Nightmare franchise as well as the gay film canon.'

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