Thursday, October 29, 2015

Constant Craven #8: Robert Rusler in Freddy's Revenge

Every horror movie hero needs two things, a good friend, and someone to lust for. In Freddy's Revenge, that character was Ron Grady. Ron was played by actor Robert Rusler, who has become one of horror's most memorable hunks. Ron and Mark Patton's Jesse weren't friends right away, nor was Jesse's lust for Ron played out directly, but both grew quietly over the course of the film.

Ron's death was fill with drama, lust and 'not so subtle' intend. It was Ron who Jesse turns to in his time of need, heading to his bed room only to watch as Freddy literally comes out of him, ending the life of the sweaty and shirtless Ron. Rusler is so damned sexy in this flick, 80's hottness, shaggy hair and all, at it's best. Rusler's appeal was obviously not lost on the producers who made the most of the characters death.

Other producers and directors also took note. After Freddy's Revenge, Rusler went on to star in Vamp, Shag and a series of movies and television shows. Rusler is still a busy working actor having recently completed two new thrillers due out next year. I hope Mark Patton is able to get Rusler's take on the flick in his upcoming documentary as I would love to more about his time on the set and his thoughts on his bloody ending.

Robert's poster from the 1989 film Shag.

Rusler getting devoured by Grace Jones in 1986's Vamp.

Rusler, along with Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith in his first motion picture Weird Science.

Final Embrace (1992)

I believe Final Embrace contains Rusler's only nude scene and despite my best attempts, these were the best caps I could make. I believe the film has only been released on VHS so clear copies of the 1992 film would be difficult find.

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