Thursday, October 8, 2015

Portfolio: Scott by JDT Photography

Last year I celebrated spring with two pieces featuring the imagery of Georgia photographer Jesse from JDT Photography. In the first piece, The Spring Suspension, we went outside and into the lake and river. In the second piece, Internal, we went indoors and I featured some of my favorite's from Jesse's inside shots.

Jesse recently sent on some of his work and there were several shoots and models that I am very excited to share on FH. I decided to start with Jesse's work with Scott whom he shot both inside, and as well as capturing some incredible shots outside at the lake. Jesse perfectly captured Scott's incredible body and face and I especially love how Scott exudes a vulnerable, even sad and soulful vibe in conjunction with an intense, yet maybe just recently discovered sexual power and energy.

The vulnerability and sexual energy are mixed beautifully together in Jesse's images. I especially love the images of Scott in the lake, beautifully tranquil and so sensual with the water dripping down and over his naked body. Some of Jesse's images of Scott in the water remind me of the incredible photos of Leighton Stultz shot by Southwest Photography. Those images became hugely popular in Playgirl, and with lovers of imaginary of the male form. They were all over the net and I was a huge fan of that shoot and feel this shoot from JDT Potography is equally as enticing and equally as impressive.

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John Mick said...

If there was ever a time to use you "additional photos" blog, this post is it. I'm dying to see more photos of Scott. You're absolutely right, so similar to the Leighton Stultz shoot...except this I find better!