Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Instagrams That Inspire:

I have been struggling a bit to finish of this seasons How To Get Away With Murder. The cast is still top notch, but some of the writing is all over the place.  I also think the show is too 'Viola Davis' focused.  She is incredible of course, but season one acted more of an ensemble piece, this season, Viola's Annalise is at risk at jumping the shark as a character if the writers don't give her a bit of break.

That being said, the great acting, and male eye candy is keeping me watching, especially the talented and incredibly hot Kendrick Sampson who is guest starring on the series as Caleb this season. Caleb is involved in one of the shows main murder arc's and has thus far (I am about 5 episodes behind) getting a great deal of coverage.

It is impossible to keep your eyes of Kendrick with his beautiful face and eyes, and incredible body. Kendrick is equally hot, and watchable, whether the HTGAWM writers have him shirtless, or in business suits in court.

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