Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Deutsche Graffiti

'With the graffiti series, I found it a bit of a challenge to put myself in a context with all these somewhat mysterious leftovers of someone else's clandestine expression.'

I loved Stephan's quote about shooting his graffiti series as in many ways, artists often work with the leftovers of others. This is especially true when doing location work. It really doesn't matter whether the backdrop your using is an old building, a beach or a field, there was always someone, or something there before you.

 Everyone who had any piece of creating the structure or the visual, and everyone who came through after, has a hand, and left a stamp on the what remained.  Whether the original creator was a graffiti artist, a painter, an architect or whether it was nature itself, most of what we create today, is in many ways, is the continuation of something already begun.

I love how Stephan shot himself with the setting.  Although there are shots of Stephan standing within and in front of the colorful artwork, you can also see how he beautifully integrates himself within the art and the arts meaning.  I especially love how Stephan seems to channel the original artists energy, bringing it forward and to life in an all new way.

Stephan's work is often panoramic, making it difficult to fully appreciate on my blog, or a computer. His images are vast and wide, taking in the entirety of his visual, they are complete, and not just a small section or piece.

I think my favorite images from Stephan's graffiti series are the four shots below.  I love the energy and movement captured, as well as the matching vibrancy between what is on the walls, and model moving towards and from them.

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