Saturday, April 16, 2016

Broadway Bares: On Demand?

Over the last eight plus years, I have done over 50 posts focusing on Broadway Bares.  Although I have been to several Broadway shows, I have yet to be in New York during the annual spring event.

Mark MacKillop at the mike

Although I still get excited when the promotion begins, I have to admit I have lost a bit of interest the last few years.  The organizers seem to have chosen to limit the amount of images and videos that used to come from the event.  I am not sure exactly why, unless it was requested from the actors, as the videos and images that came out following each show seemed to me, to only add to the greatness of the event.

Dave August

Given we all can't be in New York on the night, it was also a great way to bring a little bit of Broadway, and a little bit of all the g-strings and jock straps to all of those who have supported Broadway and the arts over the years.   So many of the actors, singers and dancers that I love and cover have been a part of the show over the years.  Maybe the new site, BroadwayHD might one day add some Broadway Bares to their line up of shows!

Andy Mills

Although some of the videos have been deleted, if you want to relive the last 8 years of Broadway Bares on FH, check out the link HERE: to check out some of my posts, and some of my favorite highlights from the last 8 years.

Joshua Buscher

Norm Lewis

Brandon Rubendall

Daniel Robinson

Charlie Sutton (l) and company in Bank Job

Tight End

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Manuel T. said...

Your posting is making me want to go to one of these events.