Saturday, April 16, 2016


Ok, don't judge me, but I find something hot about Andy Dean. Andy Dean you say, that obnoxious, rude, loud mouthed former Apprentice contestant now all over cable news supporting Trump... yup. Now, I don't agree with a word that comes out of his mouth, and most times want to strangle him. (much like I think Anderson Cooper wanted to do below) but there is, something... about him.

Andy reminds me of this kid I went to school with, loud, insulting and cruel, a bully. Yet, when you saw where he came from, you sort of respected that he actually got out of bed each morning and came to school. Dean isn't dumb, but it's too bad he's currently choosing to act as one of Trump's pit bulls. Unless his cute little mouth was duct taped shut, I wouldn't want to spend any time time with him, but with his mouth taped shut, and the rest of that duct tape, I might be able to have fun for a half hour or so.

Not a shock Dean surf's in a shirt and shorts down around his knee's.

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