Saturday, April 16, 2016

Down By The River: Gabriel by NICKET

'The first half of the shoot ended up being part performance art as we shot right off a trail and had a few passersby observe.'

The last time we joined NICKET on a shoot with Gabriel, the California based photographer was also shooting one incredible body next to another body, a body of water.  In that piece, Strange Movements, Nicholas shot Gabriel with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and the Pacific Ocean as his background.

The body of water cascading beside Gabriel for this shoot is not as huge as the Pacific, but it no less worthy as a setting for Nicholas' images.  This shoot was also originally planned as a beach shoot, but unfortunately with the shoot taking place on a holiday, combined with incredible California weather, the crowds on the beach that day made shooting on the beach impossible.

Sometimes however complications work out, and in this case it led Nicholas to discover an all new location.  The shoot along the river, especially with Gabriel's spontaneity created an incredible day of shooting.  Although, unlike the beach, there were not hundreds of people lining the shores of the river.  There were enough people around however, enjoying an afternoon stroll,  to cause Gabriel to quickly cover up or jump behind a bush a few times.

'Another surprise of the day was the start of a beard and moustache Gabriel was sporting for a role in Carmen.  His background in dancing helps to create graceful, creative poses even in new and unplanned locations'.

With Gabriel's beautiful body, long lines and graceful poses it would be easy to ignore some of his other impressive assets.  The more time I spent piecing together the piece, the more I was drawn in by his beautiful brown eyes and engaging smile.  Whether in jeans, his baby blue Andrew Christian undies or in nothing at all, I don't think anyone walking along the river could help themselves from taking a second, third and forth glance as Gabriel passed by.

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