Thursday, January 5, 2017

Quaternate: Mike Tossy

It was 2009 when I had my first opportunity to feature the work of photographer Mike Tossy. I loved how Mike viewed his subjects, and the unique and elegant ways Mike finds to capture and celebrate the male form. Since that first piece, I have featured Mike's work on it's own; a series I titled, Perspective, featuring the same model shot by both Mike and Studio MG, and of course Mike' images from the annual Autumn Utah shoots. The links below are one's in which Mike's work is the focus, but you can see additional shots from his Utah work HERE: & HERE:)

The image below was not taken by Mike, it was taken by Studio MG capturing Mike at work. I love the process feel and the sense of distance sometimes required to catch an intimate moment.

In an early piece that I did featuring Mike's work, I described loving Mike's weaving of beauty, shapes and location. I have interviewed many photographers who say that their focus is on 'making a model look their best' Sometimes however, I find they do it without moving beyond their own personal field of view. If you check out my favorite four shots from Mike, you really get the feeling that although it is Mike behind the lens, the perspective he is translating out is that of the man he is shooting. Tim having fun on the pipes. Nathan and Patrick not just sharing a moment for the camera, but an actual moment captured, beautifully captured and seen through their eye contact and a simple touch.

Mike Tossy:  FaVorite Four






The image of Paul (above) pleasuring himself on the orange couch really stood out to me when Mike first sent it on. I don't often choose to include masturbation themed shots, as so many focus on the penis, leaving the man attached to it, often incomplete, with all but one emotion, left out. Mike's shot of Paul, especially the pose, the angle of his face, with his head back over the end of the couch. Mike created a very hot, incredibly beautiful and complete image of Paul and the moment. The last image of Gabriel (below) is just magnificent, encompassing so much of Gabriel's passion for life, movement and of course dance. It may be my favorite shot from Mike.

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