Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Entertain Me: After the Jump

'Smile Like you have a naughty secret...'

Regular FH readers are aware of writer Michael, and his entertainment and pop culture blog Entertain Me. I have featured Michael's writings, and his habit, of usually being naked, many time before on FH. Today, I am assisting him, with an 'after the jump' tease. Although Michael's blog doesn't shy away from getting naughty, is is usually more with words, than with images.

Michael has a regular Thursday feature, Michael's Musings, and this week, he's getting a little edgy with a sex themed column of thoughts and musing. Michael often posts cropped images of his nudes, and this week, FH is the 'after the jump' site with the the full Monty in the image below. If you're an Entertain Me reader visiting FH for the first time, welcome, and un-buckle up and enjoy!

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Michael Shinafelt said...

Thanks Tye - you are the best!!!