Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Suntown Photography: Off With Their Clothes!

Most people who read FH on a regular basis know how much I love 'the reveal'. I don't usually like featuring shoots in which every shoot is a full nude. I like to see models dressed, to me, it helps to build the anticipation of seeing them undressed. I also believe it's important to see models as people, not just bodies and a series of body parts. Featuring portrait shots, clothed images, underwear and semi-nudes helps with the way I love to present a visual reveal.


'Briley Hall has a lovely personality, a great smile, great body and beautiful blue eyes.'


There have been many 'reveals' in my past stories featuring the work of Suntown Photography. Suntown's focus in discovering 'everyday hotties' and has found his models both on-line, as well as when at the grocery store, the cell phone shop and just walking down the street. Suntown's new project, featuring his work on ONLYFANS, is about presenting these 'everyday hotties' to fans of his work. As a photographer of the male form, Suntown then gets to do, what so many of us dream of doing when we see a hottie on the street, getting them out of their clothes, and in front of his camera.

'No matter how often I tell the guys "Please do NOT shave your pubes", some will still turn up shaved. Usually as the result of a girl or boyfriend asking them to do it. This was just the case with this shoot of Carl. He also said he thought it made his cock look bigger. Plus when he gave his smile I could not keep annoyed with him.'


'Lee had lovely furry legs which is one thing I find really attractive on the guys I work with and in my personal life. We all have our own preferences.'


'Thomas has three things I like about a model. A sexy cute smile, hairy legs and a hairy bum. The fact that he is also fit and very happy in front of the camera was a pure bonus. He is likely to feature in either "Hot Fur" or "Naked & Inked". Where do you think he should appear?'


'James contacted me because he had always fancied doing something "naughty" on camera at least once and this was his opportunity. The week after we did the shoot he was heading off to start working on a ship. We chatted on the phone a bit before the shoot so he knew exactly what he would be doing and he seemed quite excited about it. When he turned up he was a bit nervous but soon relaxed. He was one of those really sweet guys, who you think that which ever girl or guy he ended up with, would be a very lucky person. '


All of the models featured here got on board with the motto and indeed, off went their clothes. For this piece, I thought I would a do a little 'after the jump' teasing and present models fully clothed before the big reveal. I love that Suntown also gives a few comments not just the shoot, but how these everyday hotties ended up wanting to take off their clothes and be shot. It is always fascinating to me to find out what motivates a guy to pose nude.

There are a few well known models on Suntowns ONLYFANS site, (Adam Cousins being one) but for the most part, they're just working guys, some wanting to make buck or two, others who have fantasised about being fantasised about, and the experience of posing naked.

To see the guys full naked, you have check out Suntown's site, but I couldn't of course do an entire tease post, without a satisfaction and a little follow through. Craig's sets on ONLYFANS are some of my favorites, and Suntown was more than happy to provide images beyond just the tease. Some of the shots were a bit more combustive than what I usually post on FH, but there were a few, that edged close to what I generally include in a piece.

With his bright eyes and sexy lips, not to mention his hot furry body, Craig looks adorable scrubbing down in the checker board shower.  Craig's enthusiasm and personality comes through beautifully in each of Suntown's images.

'You've seen Craig Edwards in the woods and in the bedroom. This time I got him to get in the bath room. I think he got things a bit mixed up because he got nice and clean and then get very messy. But he seems to enjoy showing how happy he is in front of the camera.'

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