Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Outwit, Outplay, Depant?

'I will go butt naked!'
Locklan Gilbert

I know many have you seen this video, but thanks to ausCAPS, I have been come a bit obsessed with Survivor Australia's Locklan (Locky) Gilbert. As far as embarrassment nudity, this video is hot, although Locklan doesn't seem that embarrassed. His competitor pulled down his shorts on the way down the slide, which caused him to finish, and win the comp, completely naked.

I usually hate blurring, but given the Australian version of the reality show, kept Locklan's butt crystal clear, I won't complain. If you want to download a high res version of the video, or see dozens more caps from the show, head on over to asuCAPS HERE:

1 comment:

petercox97 said...

that ass, that ass. my kingdom for locky's ass. thank you for the caps.