Friday, August 25, 2017

Lawrence Portland: Smooth Sailing

First two shots by Torey Suarez

'The parts of my body that I would say get the most attention are my butt and my smile.'

Earlier this month, I introduced FH readers to model, actor, vegetarian and nudist Lawrence Portland. (Morning Smoothie) I first discovered Lawrence on his Instgram, and have been enjoying his images, his humour, and especially his videos. Lawrence's videos not only give viewers an close up view of his glorious backside, they also showcase Lawrence's personality as well as his desire to share some of his tips and secrets to keeping that amazing ass, and the rest of his body in tip top shape.

I only scratched the surface in that first piece, sharing a few selfies and one of his videos. Given his expansive modeling portfolio, not to mention his video work, I thought it would be interesting to go a bit deeper and learn more about the man behind those sultry dark eyes and the factors that help create the powerfully confident and sexual image we see in front of the camera. I was also curious about what boundaries or limits he may have in his work, and as you'll see, there aren't many!

Who or what got you started with modeling? That is what sparked my love for male nude photography and my favorite model there was Derek Russo.

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?

My first ever shoot with Chicago based photographer Allan Spiers.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots?

None yet so far...

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What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off?

'The anticipation of the upcoming shoot. It can mount and mount to the point of backing out completely but once I was naked in front of the camera, I was very relaxed and everything was smooth sailing from then on.'

Shooting nudes, have you any strange offers or requests?

To pose while urinating. LOL

Which came first, being photographed naked, or your film work?

'Nude modeling and a few years later came adult films.'

Remaining Images from KJ Heath

Have you had to 'fake' pleasure when filming with someone you were not especially thrilled about?

'Not at all. I adore my past scene partners and the feelings were real.'

What, if any, are your limits, boundaries or loves when it comes to filming a scene?

'Limit: No water sports.
Boundaries: So far, nothing.
Loves: Kissing, rimming and getting rimmed. I'm a booty man.'

Your Instagram videos seem to really popular, why do you think your every day routines are so enjoyed by many?

'So they are able to find out my secrets to a healthy body, mind, and spirit with a nice view to go with it.' 😉

'Why do you think you like modeling and scene work?

'It gives me a chance to be myself and portray different characters whether it's a still shot or a film and the more comfortable I am with my body, the more I am willing to show it off to others who enjoy things of that nature.'

What are the interesting questions or requests you get?

'How do you keep that butt in great shape?; and 'How is it that you are a vegetarian/vegan and look like that?!'

What's up next for you

'My scene from Lucas Entertainment with Billy Santoro is currently in post-production and if the next offer for a photo shoot or film sounds great, I am so there!' 😊

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