Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Blood Flow: Michael by Lights On Studio

'Waters of life flow in body as blood, semen or milk; in trees as sap; in flowers as honey & in clouds as rain.'

We all know that Valentines is about the celebration of love, usually represented by a deep red . The red hearts not only represent love, lust and passion, but also the physical changes our body goes through when in the throws of love, especially a new love. Our bodies begin to tingle, our hearts beat faster, the blood begins to flow more intently through our veins as it gushes towards our heart, our brain, our groin and sexual organs.

The increased of blood causes an intensity of erotic tension in every part of our bodies, and a heightened state of feeling energized and alive. Blood flow can also have the opposite effect on the body, draining away from the heart and out of the body when we experience pain, depression, intense loss or trauma. We all learn at some point that no love lasts forever, if not ended in life, it sadly concludes at death. Valentines celebrates romantic love, but most of us know that the emotion associated with romance doesn't hold a candle to the pain experienced when the blood flows in in the opposite direction when a love ends.

I couldn't help but think about blood, and it's flowing towards, and away while spending time with these images of model Michael Moody from Tom Nakielski (Lights on Studio). There is almost Gothic feel and in these shots, Michael looks like he could seamlessly fit into the late medieval period of Game of Thrones. That show, perfectly connects love with both life and death and the flow of blood towards and away. This was especially evident in Red Wedding, an episode which began to celebrate a love's beginning, but results in a very bloody end.

I first introduced Tom's work with Michael last month in a snowy cemetery shoot. (Snowed In / Snowed Out) This series of images took place during their first shoot together, when they were still warmly shooting inside. Tom says the shoot was fairly impromptu, he had acquired the red couch, and when once they started shooting, the red theme began to flow. This theme of 'flow' is seen not only in color, but in which the red, both in the background, and especially the red fabric, flow and cascade over and around Michael's body.

Michael says that he and Tom clicked almost immediately, and his shares that Tom's affable approach and theatrical ideas were exciting to bring to life. Michael loved that Tom took his theatre background into account and gave him tangible direction when he wanted something specific. The poses with Michael on the couch, profile to the camera with Michael's head back is a great example of the dramatic look that Tom was aiming for.

Speaking of medieval, Michael, along with Randal Scott make up The Duelists, a group with combines their skills, their acting experience, and their hot looks in a dazzling display of comedy and swordfighting brilliance. The Duelists perform at renaissance festivals, corporate events, educational shows and film and TV projects. Their latest project was putting together a beefcake calendar which I encourage you check out HERE:

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There can never be enough of this man on here. The last set of pics of Hine as amazing, and this one is even better. Holy
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