Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hans Fahrmeyer: Purely Classic

'Through his injection of art, color, collage and editing, Hans' images take on an urgency and produce an energy and sound that cannot be ignored.'

The quote above is one I wrote to describe a collection of images photographer Hans Fahrmeyer was putting together for his newest book. The images consisted of vibrant and colorful photo edits Hans had created using his original images as inspiration for artistically inspired collages.

Collage has always been a staple of art, something most of us learned as kids in art class. We all at one point cut out pictures from magazines and glued them on poster board using color, design and text to represent a message or theme.

When I was looking for new work of Hans to feature, I was struck by the evolution of his presentation of the male form. Over the last four plus decades, Hans imagery has taken on an urgency, become more intense, louder, pushing boundaries with both themes and his presentation.

Hans has always weaved in elements of sculpture and classic poses, but even through the various changes, Hans' images maintain a classic feel in his raw presentation of the male form.

This series of images consists of work shot between 1988 and 1992. With the exception of the models hair, which in some shots, certainly speaks to decade shot, the images have a pure and timeless quality. It is fascinating however to look for small clues that give away the time they were taken.

There appear to be far fewer tattoo's, fuller eyebrows, higher jeans, bigger hair, and virtually no hair on other parts of the body whatsoever. Hans' early work was often shot in black and white without many props, just a plain background with a clear focus on pose and the male form.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous guys. I need to change careers and be a photographer of male models.