Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tim Matheson: ACTORS & Skin

My Actors & Skin feature is one of my favorite pieces to put together on FH. Trying to cover all of an actor's uncovering however, can be time consuming. I spent an hour going through one of Tim's movies on Youtube looking for a nude scene only to discover later that it was edited version for television. I don't usually plan or think much about which actors I'm going to feature, they usually find a way of letting me know. Last week, actor Tim Matheson gave me the sign.

Animal House (1978)

One of my favorite current TV dramas is The Good Fight. I love the characters, the fast pace and especially the writing. Although the entire season has aired, I'm a little behind, and am only a few episodes in to season 2. One of the things I love best about the show is the guest cast and this season, Tim Matheson is playing Tully Nelson, who in the episode I watched last week was featured in a few shirtless bedroom scenes with Diane. (Christine Baranski)

A couple of days later, Animal House was playing on my 70's themed movie channel and between Tim's two appearances, I knew he should be next in line to skin. I actually have a love / hate relationship with Animal House. I hated the movie when I was a kid. My older brother loved it, and always managed to get my father to let him rent it as one of the two movies we were allowed to rent on Friday nights. I didn't appreciate the humour when I was a kid, and still have to admit John Belushi, is my least favorite part of the film.

But... I did manage to watch the first half hour or so, up until Tim's quick butt flash. I didn't really appreciate Tim at the time, I think when I was a kid I think I thought the cutest guy in the cast was Tom Hulce. When I re-watched lat week, lets just say I gained a new appreciation for Tim, especially in his toga. He is sexy as hell in the film, and I found myself wishing I was the Dean's wife Marion Wormer...

Tim Matheson has had an incredible career. A child actor in the 60's, a teen idol in the 70's, a film and TV star in the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond. Tim Matheson has appeared in class shows including Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, Bonanza and Life With Lucy, through roles on Tucker's Witch, Wolf Lake, The West Wing and Heart of Dixie. On screen, he's appeared along side Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball in Your's Mine and Ours, with Chevy Chase in Fletch and films as diverse as 1941, Van Wilder and Magnum Force through Drop Dead Fred and Up The Creek.

Although Tim continues to appear in front of the camera, he also works behind it, directing movies and television shows. Some of Tim's directing work can be seen on Heart of Dixie, Lucifer, The Last Ship, Taken, Person of Interest and White Collar. Beginning in 1961, Tim has worked steadily on film and television carving out one of Hollywood's most successful careers.

With Kurt Russell in The Quest (1976)

Battle of the Network Stars Bod in 1976

Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1979)

Recent Shot of Tim

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