Monday, October 22, 2018

Full Moon by Richard Rothstein

The werewolf is neither man nor wolf, but a satanic creature with the worst qualities of both.

Unlike humans, who brutally kill for sport, for fun, a werewolf's killing is ritualistic, a requirement for survival and nourishment.  That doesn't mean they don't enjoy it however, the art of the kill is as important as the killing itself.  Because kills can only take place under a full moon, timing, precision and success are not only important, but essential.

Like all blood thirty killers, Werewolf's have rituals for after the kill.  Because killing begets feasting, the carnage is intense, leaving bloody mess of both the devourer, and the meal.  Entrails, blood and organs make for a messy meal, often leaving remnants through the hair, and over the body of the ingester.

For our Manhattan man eater, the after the kill ritual is like the rich dessert after the big meal.  It begins with a cleanse, a washing away of both the blood and guts, but as importantly, as a way of releasing and cleaning away the actions required for the slaughter.  Werewolf's enjoy the kill, it's an orgasmic high they live and look forward to.  When it's over however, they need to release their desires before the sun comes up, putting them back in their place until the next full moon.

After the shower, a drink or two are required before another orgasmic impulse is indulged in.  Like all mammals, the climax leads to slumber,  a day of rest to celebrate the success of the  kill and to dream and anticipate the many future kills to come.

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