Monday, March 25, 2019

To All A Good Knight

' Hi I'm Paulie the Penis. And I just love to have fun. Ha Ha Ha.'
Tommy Turner

The recent profusion of celebrity deaths had me thinking about actor Wyatt Knight who played ole Tommy Turner.  Anyone who saw the 80's comedy film series Porky's, knew Tommy well.   Tommy Turner was one of the films main characters and was the guy whose penis Coach Balbriker grabbed, clutched, and held onto for dear life in the movie's classic shower scene.

Why exactly did Wyatt Knight come to mind... Well, it has to do with the FH R.I.P posts.  I remember going back and forth on whether to start them when I began the site, but in the end wanted to honor the men and women who in some way made an impact on me. 

In the ten plus years of working on the site, Wyatt Knight (followed closely by Simon McCorkindale) had the most hits after the actor sadly passed away back in 2011.  I remember being initially surprised at the huge traffic to the blog, most searching 'Wyatt Knight naked' after he death.  Given the theme of FH, the 'naked' part wasn't a surprise, but Wyatt wasn't a huge star, so the huge amount of traffic had me scratching my head.

Over the past month or so there has been a lot of traffic from people searching 'Luke Perry naked' and 'Jan Michael Vincent naked', it happens after most celebrity deaths.  I sort of figured the reason Wyatt's passing generated so much more hits for the site was because of the focus of FH, and the fact there were many sites much more mainstream with a wider audience who covered Luke Perry and others, but fewer that may have paid tribute to Knight.

I absolutely LOVED Knight in Porky's, and especially Porky's Revenge.  I remember as a kid seeing the movies on VHS and watching Knight's nude scenes again and again.  My  memory may be playing tricks on me, but I'm sure there was more male nudity in the old VHS copies I watched than the blue ray versions you can currently get. (See my comparison caps HERE:)

If you want to check out Tommy Turner in action, and Wyatt's three rear nude scenes, 1 from Porky's and 2 from Porky's Revenge, take a trip down memory lane by heading over to PAGE 2 HERE:

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