Thursday, July 2, 2020

Capture The Flag

Matt McGue

Over the years, when putting together pieces for the site, I often find patriotically posed images of the models I'm spotlighting.  Sometimes they're sent on by the artist, other times, they pop up when I'm searching for just the right image to include.

Benjamin J Goldman 

The images in this piece, are all of models I've featured over the years.  Most of the images, I was sent or found when putting together the original piece.  I stuck them away in my 'holiday' file to use on a future Forth of July.

Joe by Carl Proctor

Spencer by HowRoar Imagery 

Mark MacKillop

Ray Luis

Sean Ford

Kay by Lights On Studio

Jaylen by Lights On Studio

Kyle Krieger

Jay by Steve Jerome

Zmari by JW Johnson

Charlie by JW Johnson

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