Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lucky 13

Artwork by Classic Configuration

I don't consider myself especially superstitious.  I love black cats, I walk under ladders without any issues, I don't pay attention to cracks on the pavement  All that being said, I do still struggle ending anything on the number 13.  Keen eyed FH viewers may have noticed that I try NEVER to use 13 images in a post.  I use 12 and 14, but even if it means losing an image that  I love, I avoid whenever possible using 13. It's silly I know, but I have tried.... I've worked on a few pieces with 13 images, then added or taken away a shot at the last minute.

At the beginning of every year, I assess whether it's time to change the way I present and organize the site, or whether maybe it's time bring it to a close.  At the beginning of this year, the one thing I did know, was that I certainly wasn't going to end FH during it's 13th year.  I did however want to give the middle finger to my trepidation surrounding the dreaded number 13.

Over the next few months, before the site turns 14 in October, I'm going to present, a FH Baker's Dozen. The piece will feature the 13 models who have appeared in the most features over the last thirteen years.  Some of you, can name some of them right away, some... might come as a bit of a surprise. A few certainly did to me.  When adding up post counts, I didn't include every single post the model appeared in for the count, but instead, only stories in which they were a main focus of the story or theme.

The order in which I present them is not based on the model's popularity or their post count. The order will be strictly random.  I did decide however, since I'm flirting with the unlucky #13, that the models who are featured, had to at least have appeared in at least a lucky 7 number or posts. It was also an easy decision who to begin with. Check out the first of my Baker's Dozen on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

Special thanks to Classic Configuration for sharing his artwork for this piece!

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