Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quaternate: Carl Proctor

Now in year eight, I continue to feel honoured that artists I admire, trust me to tell a story with their images. I have looked at most of the other sites and blogs similar to FH and honestly believe FH to be among the best, thanks of course to all those who have contributed over the years. As a thank you, and a way to celebrate the New Year, I am beginning a new feature to run for January & February. Without explanation as to why, I will post my four favorite images, and link to past features. The images I choose are from previous pieces on the blog, and not from their entire portfolio, the choices were difficult enough! We start today with Carl Proctor.

Carl Proctor on FH

Keith: Visual Stimulation
Ray Luis: Not A Shy Bone In His Body
Benjamin Godfre: A Thousand Images Later
Nicholas: On Your Mark
Cameron Foster: Lying In Wait

Chad Glenn: Selection
Quinn Christopher Jaxon: And The Winner Is
Sammy: Super Eighth
Keith: All The Rage
Keith: Off With His Clothes!
Jason Rafael: Polysemous

Jason: Sequel
Keith: Repeat Performance
Stephen Michaels: Plunge
Keith: Pound

Donald: Sign of Strength
Zack Abraham: Ball caps, Blue Jeans and Bikini Briefs
John Humphrey: Rangy
Making History
Seconds Of Shea

The Debauchery Dungeon
Nolan: A Photographer's Dream
Brad: Cabin in the Woods
Brad: Bonus Gift
Brandon: Things From The Past

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