Thursday, January 1, 2015

R.I.P Edward Herrmann

'I think everyone who knew or worked with Ed found him to be absolutely delightful… Everything looks a little dim, as if the lights went down.'
Kelly Bishop

Gilmore Girls remains one of my favorite shows, smart, witty and great acting including Edward Herrmann as the patriarch of the family. In the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of seeing Edward in some of his early roles in films like The Paper Chase, The Great Gatsby and The Great Waldo Pepper. I think the first time however that I saw Edward on film was when I was just 11 or 12 and saw a matinee of The Lost Boys. That film remains a favorite, and Herrmann's Max remains a creepy nightmare from my youth. R.I.P Mr. Herrmann

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Mark said...
The first thing I remember seeing Edward Herrmann in (As in reconizing him) was Big Business With Bette Midler.