Thursday, January 1, 2015

While The Getting Is Good...

Given the less than stellar ratings, it seems not everyone gets (or watched) HBO's second season of The Comeback. I can relate, I don't get Community, tried, but failed to get The Wire or the The Sopranos. I thought I got 30 Rock, but didn't, I got, then thankfully un-got The New Girl, I am just starting to get The Mindy Project and never, no matter how I tried got The Office.

Above: Kudrow with Robert Michael Morris

I get The Comeback though, I get, and love every facial expression, every vocal inflection, every overconfident and anxiety ridden thing Valerie Cherish does. I have written, and continue to maintain, The Comeback is the best comedy on television ever. I am sure many would disagree, but it's ability to weave pop culture, celebrity, huge laughs and gut wrenching pain into each show is to me beyond compare.

Last week'season finale pulled out all the stops with a climatic shit storm that was obvious and predictable yet utterly brilliant. The metaphor was not subtle, yet still a feet to behold. The pressure has been building all season, and it had to burst at some point. Valerie slipping and sliding in her own shit was inevitable, but as only Valerie can do, she washed herself off and went on to triumph, if only just for that one night.

Kellan Lutz returned looking hotter than ever, but wasn't the only hunk Valerie had to deal with. I love Dan Bucatinsky in absolutely EVERYTHING he does, and cutie Mark L. Young has been hilarious all season long. Brad Goreski made a memorable cameo, looking incredibly hot slipping and sliding in Valerie's mess. The plus side, a shirtless scene showing he looks as hot undressed as dressed.

Below: Kudrow with Kellan Lutz, Mark L. Young & Morris

I hope HBO brings back Valerie and company for a season 3, Jane, (the equally brilliant Laura Silverman) needs to release her documentary which of course Valerie is bound to hate. Ratings be damned, some shows are just too good to slip quietly into the night. I just hope it doesn't take another 10 years for HBO to make up it's mind.

Below: Kudrow with Dan Bucatinsky & Brad Goreski

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Anonymous said...

It's a show I just don't get. Tried watching one episode and just couldn't get into it. I love HBO and can usually find something on there to watch. The last thing I enjoyed watching was Olive Kitteridge. As for comedies I haven't really enjoyed any on HBO. I'll forever view The Office as the greatest comedy of all time.