Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Splintered Porch: Darren Wall by YogaBear Studio

'I need nothing more from modelling, than what comes from the end result of two people collaborating together, to make amazing art.'

What is it about old dead spaces that I am attracted to? I have explored the theme many times on FH. I know it is somehow connected to remembering the forgotten. Part of my goal with FH is remembering the forgotten, a goal which developed in the early months of starting. I often feature models, actors and artists who had an impact my life, especially as I was figuring out who I was when I entered my teens in the late 80's.

There is something more though, it is not just the remembering. It is the beauty of contrasting something vital something living and breathing with a location long past it's prime. The photographer's and models using these area's, re-energize, even rejuvenate using the naked male form to bring new life to the area.

The model in this case is Toronto's Darren Wall and the Photographer, David from YogaBear Studio. The location, a old porch located within a nudist colony in San Diego. David sent on close to two hundred images in various locations, but there was something about that porch that had me wanting to make it the starting place.  The porch was actually once a small set for an old western movie shot many years ago and according to David, continues to get more and more wonderfully weathered every time he shoots there. David's use of wonderfully weathered struck me as they are not two words put together and use to describe most things, living our otherwise, that we encounter every day.

With Darren in the foreground however that weathered wood seems to come to life. A hot naked body tends to sometimes do that, especially one with such a great smile, playful blue eyes and that amazing beard. The white long johns, maroon onesie and especially Darren's skin and hair, bring out the knots intricate lines and patterns and beautiful muted colors of everything under, beside and behind him. It is also rather appropriate to start with Darren on the porch. Porches are often the entry way into one's home, one's life. It is the first thing we see when come upon a dwelling and acts as a passage way to what's beyond. Sometimes it is reflective of what's inside, other times it is a mask, covering what lays on the other side.

'Very, very slow movement was needed, in order to take each shot, because of the dryness and splintering of the wood. It was my first shoot, in a couple of months, so I was a bit nervous and wondered if I would find my stride. As soon as a heard David soothing, soft voice of " oh that's great" I knew we'd get some amazing shots.'

Aside from watching out for those splinters, especially when completely naked, Darren says he loved the collaborative way David works. Model and photographer first worked together when David visited Toronto which produced images Darren says 'shed an honest yet tantalizing portrayal of who I am.' Darren got a great response from the images and was thrilled to head to San Diego for a weekend to shoot with David again. Darren loved San Diego instantly and the porch was the first stop and location and produced what Darren describes as some of the best images from the weekend.

'Darren is a wonderful model--he's very focused on his art and brings a lot of grace and personality to the session. Our weekend of shooting was a true collaboration, developing poses together for each concept. Many of the best ideas for shots were his, and he perfectly captured the feeling I wanted for each of my concepts'

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