Sunday, June 12, 2016

Privately Revealed: Damian by Lucas F Photo

Damian 🗽 new yorker 🙊 office monkey 📓playwright 💪🏻 fitness enthusiast🕴model 💀 seer of dead people

'I enjoy on some level that folks are confused by me. And, to some extent, the life firewall makes me able to keep doing this.'

Have you ever wanted to be seen, but not known? It is an interesting dilemma, many of us have felt from time to time.  Most of us want our hard work seen, we crave appreciation and respect for what we'e put in. This doesn't mean however, that everyone requires the spotlight.  For some, the light is too intense, too bright, too much.  For an infinite number reasons, many wish to stay in the wings, acknowledged, respected, but protected.

Although most (sadly not all...) have felt this way from time to time, I think it is often experienced by artists, actors and models.  Each of these professions requires giving.  The sharing of self and a vulnerability of emotion through the work they produce.

I think in some ways FH is a representation of this for me.  Over the years I have shared almost every aspect of my life, my struggles, my battles and my success.  I have not this however, but writing directly about them.  I have chosen, to weave them within my commentaries of art.  I have controlled their release, managed how much, and how often I lay out and expose.

Many male models physically reveal everything.  We see every inch of their body, their skin, their penis, their scars, tattoos and veins.  We judge size, and muscle mass, body and facial hair.  Although we everything, we really don't know anything.  We think we do, sometimes the eyes give hints to the soul, other times, with a skilled model, they only show what the man behind them wants us to see.

The first image of Damian that I saw, everything.  His incredibly structured face, his intensely beautiful 'stare right through/to you blue eyes, led me to assume things that I had no idea whether or not are true.  I did get to know Damian a little bit more through our communication, but what I learned is not shared in this post.  'I'm a model, a largely naked, often sexualized one.'   But... that's when the camera's on him.  When the shoot's over, and his clothes are back on.... Damian slips into the wings, backstage, letting his created visuals remain in view. Until the next performance, see more of Damian's reveal on his Instagram HERE:

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Daniel Paul said...

Very sexy man, but looks better with his full hairy chest, he should never shave it.