Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sexiest Snake Attack

When you're away, and spending the night at friend's homes, sometimes you have to go with the flow...  I did not expect to be laying on a bed , reading and hear this sentence coming from the living room,...'Hey Tye, get in here!  Anaconda's on!' 

I had never watched 1997's Anaconda, I had no desire to watch 1997's Anaconda, and sort felt I might head to my grave without ever having seen 1997's Anaconda.  That being said, although I can't exactly say the film was good, I can say after a couple of glasses of my hosts home made red wine, Anaconda was an enjoyable way to spend the evening.

To be honest, we really didn't watch the film, it was more on in the background as five of us talked insistently and eat nachos and drank the wine.  I will say we all got silent whenever actor  Vincent Castellanos trusted on deck shirtless, and of course when poor Vincent was squeezed and then swallowed by river's resident serpent.   I can't exactly recommend the flick, unless of course, you're surrounded by friends, and an endless supply of home made red wine. 

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