Saturday, May 12, 2018

Window of Opportunity: Lawrence Portland by Bob Burkhardt

'Lawrence had a last minute trip to Atlanta and we managed to squeeze in a shoot.'

As most of us eventually learn, especially as we get older, opportunity doesn't knock forever. Sometimes it occurs just once, or maybe a few times and before it gone, often then lost forever. So many images, models and shoots that I have featured over the years, only occurred due to opportunity. A specific time and place when model and photographer are in the same city at the same time with openings in their schedules. That is exactly what led to this set of images.

Many of you might remember model and adult film actor Lawrence Portland from my pieces last year. (Smooth Sailing) Since discovering Lawrence on Instagram last year, I have been a fan of his images, Instagram videos and the many daily activities he utilizes to connect with his followers. Lawrence is of course incredibly hot, but he exudes both an intense sensuality, along with a down to earth vibe that are incredibly sexy when blended together.

I remember when choosing images for Lawrence's piece on FH, thinking he and photographer Bob Burkhardt would be a perfect create fit if they ever worked together. Bob has shot a lot of different types of models of various ages and body types, including many models who appear in porn. Bob always manages to pull out a quiet sensual side to the men he shoots, even with very erotic poses in varying degrees of arousal. Bob always shoot his models fully, capturing the beauty and intensity by focusing on the entirety of the moment.

It was a whirlwind Atlanta weekend which led to the opportunity for Lawrence and Bob to get together. Lawrence Was in Atlanta shooting scenes and doing scene work but managed to schedule a few modeling shoots during the few breaks he had in between filming. Lawrence had also been in touch with photographer Trevor Green who knew Bob and his husband leading to Lawrence to snag an invite to their gallery event on Saturday.

The following day, Lawrence shot with Trevor in the morning, spent the afternoon shooting with Bob and managed to fit in even another shoot later Sunday evening!  Bob describes Lawrence as both a great model, as well as just being a wonderful man. They had talked for awhile about shooting together but it wasn't until this buy weekend before opportunity knocked. Given how long they had been planning to shoot, neither Lawrence or Bob wanted to pass the opportunity up.

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