Saturday, June 16, 2018

Fake & Blake

When Billy's (Blake Jenner) friend is found dead, his world is forever changed. He tries to move on from his past, falling in love with Jennifer (Melissa Benoit) but feelings of anger and grief cripple him and put his future in jeopardy.

I have crushed over actor and singer Blake Jenner since first seeing him on The Glee Project. Jenner's post Glee career has been an impressive one to follow. I am sure the 25 year old actor could have gotten by on his smile and his looks, with a string of romantic comedies, but Jenner clearly wants more.

Jenner puts in an impressive performance in the newly released Billy Boy. Jenner not only stars in the film, he also wrote the screen play. Jenner's credit as a writer makes his frontal nude scene a head scratcher. I can understand why an actor may not want to show the Full Monty, but then why write it into the script? Jenner's side frontal is a prosthetic, although a well endowed one, it is not an appendage actually attached to Jenner.

Jenner does have a couple of butt scenes (which appear to be him from the edits of the scenes), but the frontal is not. I would love to know why they chose to add it in, especially given actor Grant Harvey does have a frontal in the film, which is clearly Grant. Despite the pretend penis, Jenner still looks good, and I believe it's his first butt shot on film, so still wanted to share. The nudity is good, the movie is better.

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