Saturday, June 16, 2018

Who He Is: MykeeD by LBL Artistic Photography

'After a long and rough past I feel it's time to not only transform how I look but who I am.'

Who I am is a question we all ask ourselves at one time or another, Who he is, is a question I ask every time I feature a model or artist. Who Mykee is a someone both Jake and Jay had on their radar for awhile... Jay had seen Mykee at a Pride last summer, but only from a distance. Jay recognized Mykee from his Instagram. Jay remembers the Indianapolis model had been really going hard in an Andrew Christian contest, which of course led to Jay casting a vote his way. Jay thought a shoot would be fun, but after seeing Mykee at Pride, was even more convinced they needed to collaborate!

'It was shortly after Pride that I discussed this with Jake. Jake not only had been thinking the same thing, he'd actually taken the step to reach out to Michael already. Nothing happened right away, but then this past December the lease was coming to an end at the creative space Jake and I had been working at which caused us to consider some bucket list shoots to do before time was up. Clearly Mykee came to mind. Jake reached out to him again and this time all the pieces fell into place. He ended up being our very last shoot in that studio and it was an awesome way to go out on and end a great year!'

There is something intriguing, almost hypnotizing about Mykee. It's in his smile, it's in his body and body art, it's in his eyes. Jake beautifully captured this quality with images and had me curious to learn more about the man and the sources of his energy and sexual expression. Thankfully, Mykee was on board to answer a few questions and share a bit more about his shoot with Jake and Jay, getting nekkid for the camera, what triggers his photographic seductions and a little bit more about who he is.

When did you first realize you had a look/body that others were attracted to?

Shortly after I was 18, when I started working for a Male Review.

Who or what had you decide to give modeling a try?

After a life changing choice to get drug free and turn my life around I decided that I wanted to get fit and show people that I'm not the old drug addict/convict. That beautiful flowers do grow in the dark and that anything is possible if you have the right support team in place and with friends and family that care for your well being and support you every step of the way.

You're pretty much naked in this shoot, but left a little to viewers imagination. What factors go into your decision on how much to expose?

Well a big factor was giving my partner at the time the respect he deserves and I asked him what limits are okay with him. Also I've always been a fan of being that tease to where you have to leave that little bit for the imagination to keep them interested.

Would you go full frontal for the right offer?

Would I yes.

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?

Working with Andrew Christian during his book release tour.

If they know, what has been your families reaction to your modeling shots?

My brothers are over seeing my half naked shots on Instagram but my family is very supportive and is very encouraging.

What can you share about your tats?

My first on was the one on my left pec which says G8R, it's a memorial tattoo of my Older brothers nick name. Which has the most meaning to me. The tattoo on my back means the people, Navajo spelt Dinè My most recent is the one on my hands.

Why do you think you like modeling?

I've been through a lot in my life and some of it I'm not proud of but none of it would I ask to reduce any differently. Thru life your body acquires scares physically, emotionally and mentally. This is a way to say to myself I'm stronger then that and to show off to others to say I've done that and bounced back. Not to brag but to show others that they can too

Many models can 'appear' sexy, but you seem sexually energized in so many of your shots, where does this confidence come from?

Put an image in your head of someone really meaningful to you and just think dirty thoughts.

The wardrobe your wearing, the leather, mesh and zippers. Was it yours, or was it picked out for the shoot?

It was all mine, I've collected many different outfits over the years and enjoy the texture of them and the way they make me feel sexy.

Tell me about this shoot, were there discussions about theme and concept or was it sort of 'go with the flow'?

It really was a "go with the flow" kinda concept. But I'm ocd when it comes to What I wear and how it matches.

Were there any differences being shot mostly naked with not 1, but 2 photographers?

No actually it was a lot more fun had so many laughs.

Did Jay or Jake request any poses or themes that were too much your?

No, the guys were great and very friendly. I couldn't of been happier with how we all 3 worked together.

Do you use your looks for good, or for bad purposes?

Only for good! What gay super hero who I be to used these looks for bad purposes... haha

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