Saturday, June 16, 2018

Artistic Associations: Mykee by Jay Alan Rickard

'Mykee isn't shy and has a ton of personality!'

In any profession, there are givers and takers. We have all worked with people who see every situation as a way to take credit or advance their own agenda and career. We have also thankfully, all worked with people who not only support, but nurture and promote those around them. Indianapolis photographer Jay Alan Rickard from JAR Visual Arts is without question a nurturer.

In addition to his artistic finesse, Jay has an eye for detail and a goal to utilize his skills create breath taking images. Each time I feature Jay's imagery, (see Jay's Quaternate post HERE:) I am always struck by his creativity but equally, his desire to shine the spotlight on the person in front of his lens. It was no surprise then, that when I got in touch with featuring Jay's work with Mykee, his goal was to have others shine.

Jay enjoyed working with Mykee and loved that his modeling work was getting some well earned attention. In addition to Mykee, Jay also wanted someone else to shine, another photographer involved in the shoot, Jay's friend and frequent accomplice, Jake Weiger of LBL Artistic Photography.  Jay wasn't sure we needed to include his work with Mykee, but I persuaded him to send on a few. I loved Mykee's look, and wanted to include as many looks and shots as possible! To see in what direction Jay turned the spotlight, check out the two pieces below.

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